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Policy for returning goods

According to the Consumer Protection Act and the rules for electronic commerce the customer shall be entitled to file a claim in the following cases: shortages, defects of the goods, discrepancy with the stated size, and discrepancy with the stated trademark. The claim shall be filed within 14 working days after receiving the goods. Upon filing a claim, the customer may claim replacement of the article with a new one and the costs for transportation shall be on the account of the dealer. The Dealer shall commit themselves to take actions and reply to the customer regarding the claim that has been filed within 14 working days.

Pursuant to the Consumer Protection Act, any articles received by the customer can be returned within 14 days after the purchase without explicit reasons for this as long as the condition of the article is the same as at the moment of delivering it to the customer:

• The presentation has been well preserved (the product has not been torn, scratched, worn, washed, ironed).

• The receipt or the invoice has been kept.

• There are no damages caused by misuse.

• The original package has been kept – label, supplies and accessories if there were any.

The Seller shall refund the entire amount paid by the customer not later than 30 days from the date on which the customer claimed refusal. Transportation costs for returning the goods shall be on the account of the Client. In case of replacing an article, the transportation costs in both directions shall be on the account of the Client.