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Terms and Conditions of Delivery


Ordered goods shall be delivered to the address specified by the Client. The Customer undertakes to provide access and conditions for receiving the goods. Any goods ordered by the customer shall be delivered within 3 (three) working days to the address specified by them provided that the order has been confirmed by the Customer.

If the Customer is not available at the specified address within the time limit for delivery or access and conditions for delivery of the goods are not provided within that time, the order shall be deemed cancelled and the Seller shall no longer be obligated to carry out the requested delivery.

If the Customer confirms their wish to receive the ordered goods after the time limit for delivery, during which they were not available at the address, the latter shall bear the costs for the additional delivery. Costs for the second delivery shall be paid upon receipt of the goods together with the total amount of the order from the first delivery.

For deliveries out of the country, please send an e-mail enquiry to specifying the exact address of delivery. You will get a reply within 24 hours indicating the amount and required time for delivery to the address specified by you. The amount of deliveries outside the Republic of Bulgaria shall be on the account of the Customer.

The courier company providing the services is “Ekspreso” AD.

A Customer who has ordered goods through the website shall be entitled to refuse the receipt of any goods ordered by them upon delivery only under the conditions specified in these Terms:

• If the delivered goods do not apparently correspond to the ones ordered by the Customer, and this can be ascertained by a simple inspection of the goods;

• If the goods or their packages are damaged during transportation;

• If the price the Customer should pay does not correspond to the one initially offered on the website;

• If the time limit for delivery is not complied with;

* Claims under the aforementioned points shall be filed only at the time of delivery.

* Outside the scope of the listed cases, the Customer shall not be entitled to refuse receipt and payment of the goods ordered by them. Otherwise, the Customer shall be obligated to pay the costs made for delivery and return of the goods.